New Paint Booth
MarTech has just completed installation of a new 16' x 33' downdraft and heated paint booth by AFC. The addition of this paint booth allows MarTech to provide turnkey finishing systems for all of our clients requiring high performance coatings and specific application needs. Specialty coatings such as NSF61 for potable water, high solid based coatings for extended corrosion and or erosion protection as well as surface repairs and ceramic based epoxies are now all performed in-house. This gives our clients better turnaround times, quality control and a much broader variety of coating options. Some of our commonly used coatings such as 3M Skotchcoat, Dupont Imron, Dupont Corlar, Devoe Bar-Rust, Chesterton ARC Ceramic Epoxies are available off the shelf !

Brush Plating System
MarTech is proud to introduce a new shop and field service to our clients – Brush Plating. Brush Plating is also known as selective plating, portable electroplating, electrochemical metalizing, and swab plating to name a few. Brush Plating is a turn-key engineered system of electroplating. Originally developed as a quick touch-up tool to correct Bath Plating defects, Brush Plating is now an integral part of the manufacturing process for many industries. Brush Plating should be considered whenever industry builds metals for repair or resizing, or for mechanical or corrosion resistant properties. The plater can take equipment used in brush plating to the work, often avoiding disassembly, reassembly, and downtime.  Brush plating, or selective plating as it is also known, affords numerous benefits over other metal repair processes such as welding, thermal spraying, or bath electroplating. Click Here for more information on this new process!

New Lucas 5" Horizontal Boring Machine
We have a new horizontal boring machine that greatly expands our capabilities in the machine shop. This allows us to manage those large jobs with greater precision and expertise than we've been able to in the past. The new machine has a 5" spindle, 48 x 122 table, 108" of cross travel, 72" longitudinal travel, 84" spindle travel, a 4 way built in bed. The new machine is fully serviced by a 15 ton bridge crane.