Roll Assessment

MarTech performs an extensive array of specialized engineering and maintenance services for all types of rolls in a variety of industries, from aluminum to pulp and paper. We fully understand the requirements process demands in these applications and have a highly qualified and experienced staff trained in the skills of assessment, disassembly, repair and finishing of most types of rolls. And because we understand that your process is unique, we maintain an extensive portfolio of design and finishing records, tooling and equipment to support each customer.

Roll Assessment Process:
MarTech starts the assessment process when your roll arrives at our facility or we can begin at your plant, our technicians will also visit your plant upon request. Every roll is assigned a unique identifier and is fully inspected and all as-found information is documented. We keep the customer completely in our process, we gather from the customer all technical data and history of the roll, current in-service and expected service of the repaired roll. Customers are also welcome to inspect and monitor work while in progress and before final preparation for shipment. Certified records of final work measurements, repairs, finishes and final QC and inspection reports are available upon request.

Roll Grinding