Specialized Field Services

MarTech’s field machining services can provide shop level quality and reliability while keeping your facility up and running without critical downtime. Repairs are part of the routine maintenance that occurs anytime day or night, but those repairs don’t have to reduce the operational capacity of your facility.

On –site field machining may just be the answer that you require. Many repairs that may seem too complicated or have always required removal/disassembly/machining/assembly/ installation may be addressed with MarTech’s Field Machining Services.

MarTech proudly uses Climax portable machine tooling for most field applications. Climax is an industry leader in capabilities, capacities and machine tolerances as well as being either pneumatic or hydraulically powered for intrinsically safe operation in difficult environments.

We provide Master Machinists in the field and provide trained technicians to evaluate the work required, estimate repair costs and schedule the work that best fits your facility uptime requirements.