Confined Space Rescue


MarTech now provides Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue services across all industries


If you are one of the 1.6 million Americans who work in confined spaces each year, you know your job is dangerous. Each year, hundreds of workers die from accidents in confined spaces. 60 percent of these deaths occur when co-workers attempt to rescue a victim. Serious injury or death in a confined space can be the result of asphyxiation, engulfment, electric shock, falls and heat stress. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) believes it is possible to
have zero incidents involving confined space operations.


Martech recognizes these hazards that workers face on a daily basis. Whether it is our workforce, or our customer's, we strive to conduct incident free confined space operations. In 2015, Cal/OSHA introduced new confined space standards for the construction industry, and stressed the ultimate goal of ZERO confined space fatalities. So in cooperation with local and state fire fighters,
Martech established a confined space rescue team to ensure not only 100% compliance, but to maintain effective rescue measures in case of any emergency.


"Safety isn't a daily task completed by an individual. Safety is teamwork. Safety is a combined effort, by the workforce, to guarantee everybody makes it home. Safety is the culture in which a company thrives."